Specifically, what can I help you with?

Business insights blended with easy to understand language.


Learn what your sales will look like and how they will shape your business six months and even years from now.

Custom BI Dashboards

Dynamic reports designed to help you not only answer current questions but uncover insights hiding beneath the surface.

Financial Analysis

I help you not only learn what your P&L says, we help uncover what it means and where your profit is hiding.

Advanced MS Excel

MS Power BI Dashboards




Growing Online Apparel Business – Inventory and Production Planning

” We were having a hard time keeping track of our inventory. We were constantly running out of product and always under or over ordering. Trevor created a custom and super easy to use inventory tracker system that not only saved us countless hours of counting and recounting inventory, but also saved us money by showing us exactly how much we needed to order and when. The efficiency of his system helped us get back on track quickly, allowing us to focus our attention on growing the company even bigger!”

-Jamie from Saturday Morning Pancakes

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About Trevor Clinard

“ I help businesses focus on what they need to focus on: production planning, inventory management, making sense of marketing, fine tuning finances, and ultimately using data to make more money, with less stress.”
Trevor Clinard
Trevor Clinard

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